NACA Max Purchase Price Limit Increases In Maryland In Select Cities to $726,525


NACA Approved Realtor, Lonnie Scales

Maryland close to DC is one of the most expensive housing markets in the United States. Previously the max purchase price was $453,000 for non targeted members. The NACA program has raised this to $726,525 for the following cities in Maryland.



No Down Payment Required
100% Financing Program
No Closing Costs (Lender paid)
No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
No Perfect Credit (No Score Check)
Below Market Interest Rate

NACA Conforming Loan Limits for Maryland 2019

Priority Members – Low-to-moderate income Members (i.e. borrowers and co-borrowers) whose combined income is less than the median family Income for the MSA where they are purchasing a home (Click here for median income).

• Priority Members can purchase any property within a MSA within the conforming loan limit.

B. Non-Priority Member – Members (i.e. borrowers and co-borrower) whose combined income is equal to or greater than the median family income for the MSA where they are purchasing a home (Click here for Census Tract Median income)

• Non-Priority Members can only purchase in a MSA’s Priority Area with loan and required repairs within the conforming loan limit.

One-Unit is a single family home or condominium

Two-Unit is two separate living units (duplex)

Three-Unit three separate living units (triplex)

Four-Unit four separate living units (fourplex)

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